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Why am I doing this?

Tomasz Chudyk - The Author of Keepmark

Hi, I'm Tom, and I'm the author of this project.
I do it because I believe that you can easily manage your documents without giving access to it to other companies. I believe that you should not be afraid of leaking or disclosing your documents. And I believe that you shouldn't be profiled by algorithms based on your behavior or data you have. At the same time, I know that everyone wants to have easy, convenient access to own data.

With Keepmark, I want you to feel the freedom that comes with keeping your privacy and at the same time give you the easiest possible access to your documents. In some aspects I already succeed in doing this in others not yet, but I am constantly working on the next versions of the Keepmark.

Latest release

Keepmark latest release: 1.23.2 (2020-11-21)

After a two-month break I can announce the release of Keepmark 1.23.0. The main feature is the support for EML files - an email format, supported by Thunderbird and others. In connection with the implementation of this file format, there have also been minor changes in downloading e-mails. Read more 

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Selected features

Document Search Engine

You can easily organize and find your documents by stored metadata or indexed content of files. Keepmark indexes content of text files, markdown, html, pdf, doc, docx, odt...

Document repositories

You can split your documents to repositories. Bills? Work? Projects? You can define your own context of work.

Inbox for your documents

You can save to inbox all new documents that appear during your work day.
Finally, decide if you want to move them to the repository or delete them.

E-mail integration

You can download selected folders from your email account (Imap protocol) and treat your emails like all other documents.

Fast document preview

Keepmark has built-in browsers for popular document formats. Now you can browse text files, markdown, html, pdfs, or photos.

Cloud friendly

Keepmark stores your data in as regular files, so you can easily synchronize them between computers, or keep them in the cloud (like Dropbox).

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You can help me to develop Keepmark. Buy a Beta version - available now at a lower price.
Maybe it will not be as perfect as the final version, but it will greatly simplify your work.

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