Files encryption

Keepmark let you encrypt files using: GPG/PGP algorithms. Currently supported is only symetric encryption (password protected). 

  • AES 256-bit encryption (using password) - file format *.aes (more here:
  • GPG symetric encryption (using password) - file format *.gpg and *.pgp
  • GPG asymetric encryption (using encryption keys) - fie format *.gpg and *pgp

With Keepmark you can encrypt and decrypt files, or display preview of the file. Encryption is very easy - use context menu, select right command and enter password:

Feeds settings

When you want to access to encrypted files - put password to preview panel or decrypt it via resource context menu.

Feeds settings

When you don't have access to Keepmark: you can always decrypt your files using command line GPG tool:

  • For GPG/PGP files using command line tool:
      gpg --decrypt --output path/to/ path/to/
  • For AES files - use application from: