Organize repository using filters, tags and folders

Keepmark allows you to organize your repository using 3 separate fetures:

  • Filters
  • Tags
  • Folders
  • People

Use folders when you want to organize your repository in tree hierarchy. Is one of most popular file organization method. Put your documents into folders and subfolders. The biggest problem of that method is when you have very rich structure of folders and subfolders (needed more time to think where to put incoming documents).

List of folders

Use tags when you want to organize your documents in flat strucutre. Just select file, and add some tags that describe your documents (as tags you can use for example: client name, project name, document topics, or other keywords). When you tag couple documents Keepmark will try suggest you tags for given document basing on previous tagged documents.
It's faster and more convinient form for organize documents then folders .

List of tagsTags selection dialog

Use filters when you want to have defined set of rules. You don't even need to do anything with icoming documents - just define your own set of filters (for example document must contains keyword "invoice" and "client1" when we looking for invoices for Client1.

List of filtersEdit filters settings