News/RSS Reader

Keepmark works well as an RSS/Feed reader. You can define your news feeds in the settings of a specific repository. You can define separate repositories for news or download them to a specific folder within existing repositories.

List of feeds/news with open preview for one of item

Configure your feed channels

How to configure news channels
Feeds settings

In the settings of the Keepmark repository, you can define the RSS feeds, and the location where the downloaded entries should be saved. To keep order, it is best to save each channel in a separate folder in the repository.
Entries are saved as HTML files, so you can read them even without using the Keepmark.

Read your news and create notes

Article preview
Read news

You can create your own notes and summaries for each message. For the displayed message you can see other similar entries in your repository. You can also tag messages to make it easier to find them in the future. 

If only a fragment of an article has been published, you can switch to the article preview on the web page immediately inside Keepmark, or open it in your default browser.

Browse your news

Grouped list of news
Grouped documents by date

To view the list of entries, it is best to choose a list view grouped by publication date.

Incoming messages is best to save in your inbox, after reading, just decide whether you want to keep it and move it to the repository or delete it.