Keepmark's main features

Create and store your notes

Create own notes

You can create note as separate document, or as next resource do existing document.

Organize bookmarks

Favorites pages from web browser

Keepmark can store bookmarks for important websites.

Quick preview of documents

Quick documents preview

You can see preview of file without opening it in external application.

Encrypt your files to protect privacy

Files encryption

Keepmark let you encrypt and decrypt files using GPG/PGP algorithms.

Group files in many formats as single document

Document is not only a single file

In Keepmark your document can have many files - Invoice in DOC and PDF format? In Keepmark you can see them as single document.

Use templates to quickly create documents

Document Templates

When you need to create many similar documents you can use document templates.

Search engine that indexing meta-data and content

Effective search engine

Keepmark allows you to effectively search for documents stored in the repository. It lets you find documents based on their metadata or content.

See your emails inside Keepmark

Email integration

Although Keepmark is not an email client, it give you posibility to watch selected folder (or tag) and download all emails inside it as your local documents.

Get lastest news from your websites


You can add some channels to subscribe, and Keepmark will automatically download lastest news from them.

Put document in separate workspaces to keep clean

Organize documents in workspaces

In Keepmark you can split your documents to as many workspaces as you like.

Add tags to your documents

Organize with filters, tags and folders

Keepmark allows you to organize your repository using 3 separate fetures - filters, tags and folders.

See new documents in single inbox

Inbox for new documents

It's a place where you can see what's new appeared in your repository.

Mark important documents with a star to find them quickly

Star important documents

This let you find immediately the most important or mostly used documents in repository.

Synchronize your documents and files with other devices

Synchronize your repositories easily

You can easyly synchronize your repositories between devices using 3rd party providers, like Dropbox, or GDrive.

Manage your tasks in one place

Tasks list

In Keepmark you can mark some of documents as tasks, and add aditional description to them. It's the easiest way to move your work forward.